Welcome To Alpha Fiduciary

In business today, it seems like attention to detail, personal service, accountability, and the desire to be helpful are memories of days gone by. In recognizing this, we built Alpha Fiduciary to meet the total wealth management needs of our clients while focusing on integrity and establishing mutual trust. We are not conflicted employees of a large bank, nor do we charge “commissions” like a broker. Our mandate is to deliver excellent service along with intelligent, suitable, and personalized investment strategies, fully integrated into our clients’ financial lives.

The basis of our work is the belief that diversification still remains the single-best method of risk management in portfolios, which is why our portfolios are constructed and managed across the asset class spectrum. We allow ourselves the flexibility of owning assets long or short as conditions warrant because, as you know, markets don’t just trend in one direction. Many investors fail to understand that to recover from a 30% decline, a portfolio has to grow by nearly 43% to return to even. Depending on where you stand in your financial life cycle, this deficit may prove insurmountable. We place significant value on attempting to mitigate these risks of passive investing to the best of our abilities.

We know that experience matters. We are extremely proud of our team of accomplished, credentialed professionals. I know we can deliver thoughtful, personalized, and expertly managed investment solutions that will serve as the foundation your financial house can rest upon.

Arthur Doglione, President

Our Namesake

The name Alpha Fiduciary arose out of the principles that the firm was founded on in 2006. Our company reflects the values of integrity, prudence, and sophistication that helped build the company. Alpha in wealth management means the performance of a manager in comparison to an appropriate benchmark. But we also attempt to add our own “alpha” in terms of how we steward your wealth.

A “fiduciary” is an individual who is mandated by law to act for the best interests of another. We take pride in our ability to exhibit consistently the traits of a fiduciary while always attempting to exceed our clients’ expectations.