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Why You Might Want an Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust

How an Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust Can Benefit You Source info: Usually when we hear the word “defective,” we think about an umbrella that doesn’t open, a dangerous children’s toy, or perhaps our last car. And these are generally … Continue reading

Directed Trust versus Delegated Trust: Which one is for You?

Now that you’ve decided to establish a trust to preserve your family’s legacy, there are many important decisions to make. For example, will you manage the trust assets yourselves or hire an investment advisor? Will you serve as trustee or … Continue reading

2019 Smart Year-End Financial Moves

If you’re searching for smart year-end financial moves to make, the following items may help you save money on this year’s taxes or get on track for a better 2020. The below are not in any order of importance, and … Continue reading

Trust Incentives and Restrictions: Making Sense for Heirs

Trust Incentives and Restrictions: What Makes Sense for Your Heirs? If you think about it, trust distributions are like taxes. But whereas taxes seek to guide your economic choices toward government goals by instituting greater or lesser penalties, trust distributions … Continue reading

How to Avoid Probate Delays and Costs by Making Smart Moves Now

Probate can be expensive and tedious. Properly titling assets and taking advantage of beneficiary designations help you avoid probate. Living trusts address more complicated situations. Most people are familiar with the concept of probate and likely recall having been told … Continue reading