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Prudent Strategies for Successful Generational Wealth Transfer

People often daydream about how inheriting a large sum of money could solve their most pressing problems. Less often do they think about how such wealth can complicate their lives and negatively impact future generations. But wealthy families the world … Continue reading

If You Have Assets, You Need An Estate Plan

You don’t have to be wealthy by today’s standards to risk creating chaos for others when you pass on. The fact is that after you are gone, you can’t tell anyone what you intended to give to children, grandchildren, friends, … Continue reading

What’s Under the Hood of My 401(k)?

Not all 401(k)s are created equal. Much like understanding the basic components of the parts under the hood of your car, you should generally be aware of the basic parts of your 401(k) plan to ensure that you know its … Continue reading

Core-Satellite Investing: The Best of Both Worlds?

One of the biggest debates among financial professionals, investment advisors, and investors is whether you should invest in only “passive” index funds or use so-called “active” strategies to get the best returns for your portfolio. If you’re wondering which approach … Continue reading

Why It Pays to Use a 529

If you are the proud parent or grandparent of a newborn baby, one of your most important goals is probably to help prepare for college expenses. But what is the best way to do this? While you may have considered … Continue reading