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To Be or Not to Be…A College Grad?

When you consider that Americans owe more than $1 trillion in student loan debt and that the average class of 2016 graduating student held over $37,000 of debt, it begs the question, “Does going to college make financial sense for … Continue reading

What is Your Legacy?

When people start planning their estates, they often think about who gets the IRA, the car, the house, etc., and how much to leave to specific individuals. But almost immediately, another thought arises: How will an inheritance affect the recipient(s)? … Continue reading

“Survey says!”

How Surveys Could Help You Transfer Wealth Successfully If you’ve watched daytime TV at all over the past few decades, you’ve likely ended up watching at least one episode of Family Feud. In this popular game show, two families are … Continue reading

So You’re a Trustee. Now what?

It can be a great honor to be named trustee of your family’s or another person’s trust. You may also have named yourself trustee for a trust you funded for the benefit of your heirs because you want to maintain … Continue reading