Securing Wealth for Future Generations:
Preparing Heirs is the Key to Success

We believe that estate planning goes beyond just making sure your wealth and assets pass in the most efficient and tax-friendly way. While that’s very important, it’s also crucial to prepare heirs to receive wealth so that your fortune stays within the family across generations.

Wealth attrition is extremely high, as researchers at the Williams Group, a family consultancy that prepares heirs for receiving wealth, have found. According to their study, 70 percent of high-income families exhaust their wealth by the second generation. There are a number of reasons for these dismal statistics, such as taxation and inflation. However, we believe that family dynamics play a major role in whether an estate transfer succeeds. Through our years of experience, we’ve seen that when heirs are properly prepared for wealth stewardship, it helps them achieve their own goals in line with your family’s legacy, values, and wishes.

Estate Planning with Alpha Fiduciary

Part of aging is planning how you will pass on your wealth. Your Alpha Fiduciary adviser will discuss with you such topics as:

Estate planning and probate law

Passing on your business

Plans for real estate, investments, and other assets

Asset protection


Family values, charitable or spiritual affiliations, and community

Heir preparation

Personalized Guidance

Because we believe that estate planning involves more than the traditional rules and numbers, you’ll also receive personalized guidance in areas such as:

  • Law firms that can help you with family law and elder issues
  • Obtaining proper legal advice to set up trusts
  • Establishing powers of attorney
  • Researching healthcare and medical plans
  • Other relevant resources

At Alpha Fiduciary, estate planning is more than just making plans for your wealth once you pass on. It’s about protecting your legacy by preparing yourself and your family for all aspects of life.