Executive Wealth Management

As a C-level executive, you have many personal financial opportunities available. Yet with the immense responsibilities that demand your time and focus, you could be missing out on the ones that need to be addressed promptly. With Alpha Fiduciary’s Executive Wealth Management service, you can focus on the demands of your career and entrust your wealth management to us.

Wealth Management for Corporate Executives

Alpha Fiduciary recognizes that C-level executives have many demands on them, from setting corporate strategy and defending existing lines of business from global competition, to managing teams of hard-charging, success-oriented people. With all these demands on your time, it’s easy to let your personal financial and estate affairs be relegated to the bottom of the list. We offer wealth management specifically tailored for corporate executives so that you can focus on the demands of your career without losing out on important personal wealth opportunities.

Achieving High Standards – in Business and Family Life

The costs of ignoring important planning and financial management issues can be particularly serious for individuals with larger or more complex wealth management needs. Let Alpha Fiduciary be an extension of your professional staff, your fiduciary who is always focused on your personal wealth management needs and opportunities. You have set high standards for your business; doesn’t your family deserve the same?

The Executive Wealth Management program (EWM) carefully addresses your most pressing needs, helping to ensure your financial future and protect your family:

  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Risk Management
  • Estate Planning Consulting
  • Total Wealth Management

We provide all of our services as your fiduciary. More importantly, the Alpha Fiduciary wealth management team consists of wealth experts that monitor the macro-financial picture, helping to keep you prepared for life’s ups and downs. At Alpha Fiduciary, you can entrust your complex wealth management to us: We’ll organize, manage, and monitor the complexities of your financial life. We’ll also provide you Web-based applications so that you can check details that are important to you when it’s convenient for you to do it. 

Wealth Management Services for Complex Needs

Financial and wealth management plans for executives need to reflect the unique needs of the executives and their families and focus on achieving their specific goals. This is especially true for C-level executives due to the highly dynamic nature of employment at this level. If you are a corporate executive, your wealth management presents unique challenges due to often complex and uncertain corporate compensation structures, including company stock, options, and deferral opportunities. You need a team of wealth management advisors that know how to build a financial plan that address those complexities so that they can be presented to you and monitored by you and your family in an easy-to-understand form.

Some complex issues that need to be addressed include:

  • Deferred compensation plans
  • Company stock option plans
  • Deferral strategies
  • Executive-level investment options
  • Tax planning and tax strategy for high-income earners*
  • Company retirement plans

These are just some of the wealth management challenges C-level executives face when looking at a long-term financial plan. You don’t need just anyone managing your wealth. You need a team that can address the unique demands of successful executives.

*Some services may be performed with the assistance of third parties.

Alpha Fiduciary’s Executive Wealth Management (EWM) Services

Our Executive Wealth Management (EWM) program was created specifically with the C-level executive in mind. It is strictly for those who can invest a minimum of $5 million today and fund the account to $10 million within two years.

We know your time is too valuable to waste running around comparing pricing and services offered for the complex planning and investment services you need, so we’ve competitively priced our EWM services and bundled the offering to meet your needs.

Alpha Fiduciary’s EWM service offers*:

  • Financial planning
    • Cash flow planning
    • Stock option analysis and tracking
    • Grant operation assistance
    • Family sustainability planning
  • Spending policy analysis
  • Investment policy statement development and/or review
  • Investment management
  • Fiduciary trust management
  • Retirement planning
  • Trustee education
  • Preparing heirs
  • Assistance with decisions for aging parents
  • Family liquidity management

*Some services may be performed with the assistance of third parties.

Executive Wealth Management for Your Whole Life

Alpha Fiduciary recognizes that successful people are not immune to life’s bumpy journey, which may diminish your family’s overall wellness and ability to enjoy life. So we have taken what we have learned in our many years of experience in working with clients, and we have compiled community resources for many serious but common problems we’ve seen clients face.

These counselors, support groups, and other resources can have a meaningful and positive impact on your family’s ability to navigate life’s challenges.

At Alpha Fiduciary, we believe that you should be able to enjoy the wealth you’ve worked so hard to achieve throughout your successful career. Ultimately, we want you to live your best life, and that means so much more than just managing your wealth.