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What is Your Legacy?

When people start planning their estates, they often think about who gets the IRA, the car, the house, etc., and how much to leave to specific individuals. But almost immediately, another thought arises: How will an inheritance affect the recipient(s)? … Continue reading

So You’re a Trustee. Now what?

It can be a great honor to be named trustee of your family’s or another person’s trust. You may also have named yourself trustee for a trust you funded for the benefit of your heirs because you want to maintain … Continue reading

Is Your Wealth Management Firm Conflicted?

Have you ever taken your car to the shop for something minor, like a routine oil change, and walked away with a laundry list of things that desperately need fixing before your vehicle falls apart? If you’re not knowledgeable on … Continue reading

Estate Planning and Why You Need It

Estate planning organizes how your wealth gets distributed after you die, and it generally involves professionals such as an attorney and your financial advisor. Simply put, your estate plan says what happens to your things when you die. “Your things” … Continue reading