Financial Planner or Investment Manager – Which do I need?

Finding a trustworthy financial advisor can feel like a daunting task. Whether you have worked with financial professionals in the past or are delving into investing and financial management services for the first time, it’s important to be knowledgeable about the process and different services available. This will help you ask better questions of a prospective financial planner or investment manager and ensure that the professional you choose possesses the capabilities to improve your situation and has your best interest at heart.

Financial Planning

A financial planner works to map out a customized roadmap for your financial future. Typically your planner will look at your sources of income, spending patterns, assets, insurance, and estate plan and advise you on how to structure your financial life for the best results. An overall plan is an important starting point for your financial future. We encourage you to have a plan in place which you can refer to every step of the way toward achieving your financial goals. Comprehensive wealth management firms like Alpha Fiduciary provide financial planning in addition to investment management. And unlike many who call themselves “financial planners,” we do not sell products for a commission. This helps Alpha Fiduciary put your interests first.

Investment Management

Investment management represents a critical component of your financial plan. Without realistic expectations, the right set of investments, and proper investment management, you may stand little chance of arriving at your desired destination. Alpha Fiduciary can create a custom portfolio that matches your financial plan using a combination of liquid, low-cost funds to cover the broad market and a few highly specialized funds for diversification and opportunistic investing. We offer prospects and clients a free “second opinion” analysis whereby we provide our professional insights into your current approach.

All-In-One Service

In order to have a successful and comprehensive wealth management plan, you will need both a financial planner and an investment manager. At Alpha Fiduciary, our financial advisors understand that wealth management is an ongoing process that adapts to your changing needs. We hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard and have built a team of credentialed professionals who have deep experience and knowledge. Because we do not earn commissions on any products we recommend, we can tailor our services to what will best help your financial success. Contact us today!

About Alpha Fiduciary

We are driven by a desire to help our clients in as many aspects of their lives as possible, often extending beyond rates of return. Wealth management is more than handling your money. The dynamics of life influence your financial stability and can impact important decisions. We strive to understand the complexities of our clients’ lives so we can develop complete financial solutions that address them adequately. We are an advisory firm that helps you recognize, deal with, and solve life’s challenges through Total Wealth Management.