Insuring Your Wellbeing


One strong storm could destroy your roof. An auto accident could have repercussions lasting long after your physical injuries have healed. After all the hard work you’ve gone through to prepare for retirement and set up an estate for your heirs, do you really want to risk an unforeseen event destroying your financial plans? Proper insurance coverage plays an important role in your financial future. At Alpha Fiduciary, we take a holistic approach to wealth management so you have the right kinds of insurance in place to help protect your assets and lifestyle.

How Much Time Have You Spent Planning Ahead?

When planning ahead, you need to pay attention to the impact your decisions could have on your heirs. Not enough insurance could force dependents into a very difficult situation, whereas a large insurance payout could test the self-control of heirs who have not received any training in how to manage such a sum. Or consider that if you own your life insurance directly, as opposed to owning your policy in a special trust called an ILIT, you could be causing your estate to become taxable, even if it isn’t already. Or if it is, you could potentially see the policy proceeds taxed, therefore significantly reducing the funds available to help sustain your loved ones.

Alpha Fiduciary can bring these and other problem areas in your current financial situation to light so they can be addressed.

Grab Your Umbrella

You probably already have both home and auto insurance. But if you have a high net worth, you may want to consider adding additional personal liability protection through “umbrella” insurance. This is a policy that works in conjunction with your personal property policies and can provide a broader spectrum of coverage to fill in the gaps, for example, in the case of a lawsuit.

Keeping Heirlooms Safe

Whether it’s a set of silverware that’s been in the family for generations or a painting you’ve purchased recently, a high-value item or priceless heirloom may not be covered by your homeowners insurance. Instead, a separate personal property insurance policy provides replacement cost for those high-value items should the worst happen. While Alpha Fiduciary watches over your financial assets, we can advise you on the need to invest in coverage for your high-value liquid assets.

Having a solid portfolio management plan in place is important when planning for the future. Don’t let an unexpected event derail all your well-laid plans and impact your retirement. If you have more questions about the impact of insurance on your wealth management plan, contact us now!


About Alpha Fiduciary

We are driven by a desire to help our clients in as many aspects of their lives as possible, often extending beyond rates of return. Wealth management is more than handling your money. The dynamics of life influence your financial stability and can impact important decisions. We strive to understand the complexities of our clients’ lives so we can develop complete financial solutions that address them adequately. We are an advisory firm that helps you recognize, deal with, and solve life’s challenges through Total Wealth Management.