Alpha Fiduciary financial advisors help you beyond your finances.

In America, there is one divorce approximately every 36 seconds. That’s nearly 2400 divorces per day! Yet as common as divorce is, many people don’t go beyond legal advice to get proper guidance. Divorce, either anticipated or coming as a total surprise, can lead to a lot of financial uncertainty and stress. Having a financial advisor during and after divorce will help you make the best financial decisions for your wealth and future.

The emotional toll of divorce can be equally challenging in ways often not obvious to those suffering from it. It may manifest in ways such as overspending, substance abuse, and isolation. There are excellent resources available–often at no cost–to help people deal with the stress of divorce. We have seen many people move forward with greater ease and wellness by utilizing those resources. Some of our clients have even made lasting friendships with people they met while obtaining the additional support. Your overall wellbeing during this time is more than just getting through the legal paperwork. You should be able to move forward with your life, and with the right support you’ll be able to do just that with greater security and peace of mind.