Comprehensive Retirement Planning
for Phoenix Residents

When it comes to retirement planning, most people focus on whether they’ll have enough income to support their lifestyle. Yet there’s more to retirement planning than this. We understand the many factors that affect your retirement sustainability, such as asset protection, long-term care, and estate planning.

Our approach is that by optimizing asset liquidation sequencing and order of withdrawal, we can create retirement income while maximizing income longevity and minimizing taxes.

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Challenges to Your Retirement

Our financial advisors do more than just look at your income, expenses, and assets. We recognize the challenges retirees face, such as:

Market forces



Unforeseen costs

Maintaining wealth

The Alpha Fiduciary Retirement Solution

Financial planning doesn’t stop with retirement. We build comprehensive retirement solutions to help carry you through the rest of your years.

Income and Spending

Growing Your Wealth

Tilting Your Portfolio

Alpha Fiduciary Retirement Solution

Income and Spending

Since during retirement you’ll no longer be earning a regular paycheck, it’s important to maximize income sources like social security, pensions, and the like. You’ll also need to be smart about your spending. In addition, we’ll be there to help you decide on the big decisions, like:

  • Big-ticket purchases during retirement (e.g., real estate)
  • Planning for long-term care
  • Integrating your retirement plan and estate plan
  • Planning long-term cash flow

Growing Your Wealth

During retirement your wealth should ideally remain poised for some measure of growth consistent with your risk tolerance, especially given increasing longevity among elders. Employing portfolio management that mitigates risk while seeking to maintain a reliable cash flow source can help tremendously. Details we’ll discuss in your review include:

Asset protection

Portfolio diversification

Risk management

Tilting Your Portfolio

Our retirement planning solutions are built for the dynamics of your unique life. We will balance your portfolio between income-producing and growth-seeking assets based on your retirement needs, and we will regularly consult with you to make sure you are on track and that you understand your portfolio.