Wealth Management Formula

Wealth Management is the combination of three key components: Investment Consulting, Advanced Planning, and Relationship Management. Watch the video below to learn more about our process.

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How We Approach Wealth Management

Wealth Management is not limited solely to managing portfolios. Although investing is a very important part of what we do, Total Wealth Management requires Investment Consulting, Advanced Planning, and continuous Relationship Management. We support our clients as they navigate the different stages of their financial life cycle and want them to feel as though they have a trusted financial “quarterback” to help lead their team of advisers and family members on the path towards their goals.

Investment Consulting

We use our discovery process to gain the best possible understanding of your financial situation, your existing investments, and the resources available to meet your goals. From there, we construct your portfolio by carefully considering your personal situation, tax efficiency, and risk management.Learn More

Advanced Planning

We believe that your personal financial situation is unique. You may be a business owner in need of consultative services, an individual looking to prepare a legacy for future generations, or someone faced with myriad other challenges. Helping you navigate these situations is key to our mission. Learn More

Relationship Management

Working with Alpha Fiduciary means you’ll always be a quick phone call or email away from financial advice and administrative support. Additionally, you can review customized performance reporting on demand through the Alpha Fiduciary app for Android and iOS devices. Learn More

Our Wealth Management Process

When you establish a relationship with Alpha Fiduciary, we get to know you and your goals while setting expectations for the ongoing nature of our partnership.

During our initial meeting, we determine what is important to you about money as well as what keeps you up at night. Outlining what is important to you as an investor is the key initial component to establishing an Adviser-Client relationship. From there, we discuss your personal and financial goals in more depth and gather the information necessary to evaluate your current situation prior to our next meeting.

As a fiduciary wealth manager, we understand that our process may not be the best solution for every investor. Because of this, we will not enter into a relationship unless we feel we can provide significant value to our clients. If that is not the case, we are willing to act as a sounding board to help you make the decisions that are best for you.

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Goals and Objectives
  • Gathering Information
We set the framework to operate collaboratively with your team of outside advisers to address tax issues, estate planning, legal matters, major purchases, insurance, etc. If you do not yet have a professional relationship established with key service providers, you can draw on our network of trusted professionals as resources to help complete your wealth plan.

Both you and Alpha Fiduciary will have follow-up responsibilities in order to implement the plan; defining these responsibilities and setting a timeline for completion is important in achieving your goals.

  • Build a Wealth Plan
  • Establish Responsibilities
We present investment recommendations based on information gathered in our initial meeting.

We look to optimize both asset allocation and asset location to achieve risk-conscious, tax-efficient portfolios that are designed with your specific needs in mind.

  • Review Investment Plan
  • Course of Action
Within a reasonable amount of time, it is important to review which responsibilities have been implemented and which remain to be completed.

For example, it can take time to enter the investment markets, and it may not be prudent to invest funds all at once. Or you may have requested an appointment with your attorney, who cannot meet until next month. A simple update of the progress of these items is important in tracking implementation.

  • Track Goal Progress
  • Adjust Wealth Plan if Necessary
  • Amend Timeline as Needed
As a client, you can expect a Quarterly Performance Report every 90 days to track your investments against an appropriate benchmark.

Just as tax professionals prepare for quarterly or annual filings, our staff is available to provide the appropriate support. Certain opportunities that may arise out of a client’s tax situation, which may include harvesting, re-characterizations, gifting strategies, etc. Our advisers remain poised to act if such when necessary.

A review of beneficiary designations, wills, and trusts occurs at least every three years.

  • Ad-Hoc Portfolio Reviews
  • Quarterly Performance Reports
  • On-Demand Reporting via Online Portal
  • Family Meetings, Educational Events, Newsletters, etc