We see that you don’t currently have a family trust established. Which trust company should you use?

Here are a few things to think about when you go to hire a trust company:

Bank trust companies abound.

We caution you about hiring a company that also has its own investment products because it is likely the company will recommend its own investment products for your trust, and these investments could be suboptimal as well as represent a conflict of interest.

The largest trust companies also may not offer much personalized service to smaller trusts.

Trust companies exist which clearly separate trust and investment management divisions. There are also trust companies that have no asset management operations at all but purely focus on the trust administration.

Alpha Fiduciary has at least one such relationship, and we feel this best aligns all parties’ interests with your own.

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Alpha Fiduciary trust management services are


Your personal wealth manager provides one point of contact and remains accountable to you on all aspects of your relationship.


We plan and manage the investments of the trust so that they appropriately balance your current income and future legacy goals.


As your fiduciary, we are focused on what’s best for you.


Services are unbundled, and all communication and activities are conducted through us, so you have one point of contact and always know how each party is being compensated.


We take a unified approach to your trust investment, with the experience, knowledge and resources to help your family navigate common but serious problems and live the best possible life.