Managing generational wealth involves decisions that will affect future stakeholders. We can help.

If you’re like many families of generational wealth, you have likely thought the impersonal and inconsistent service of bank trust companies was an unavoidable inconvenience to protect the wealth you intended to provide for your heirs and future generations. Many bank trust companies have even adopted a call center service model – that’s not service at all! We’d like to show you why we believe our fiduciary approach is better.

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Alpha Fiduciary trust management services are


Your personal wealth manager provides one point of contact and remains accountable to you on all aspects of your relationship.


We plan and manage the investments of the trust so that they appropriately balance your current income and future legacy goals.


As your fiduciary, we are focused on what’s best for you.


Services are unbundled, and all communication and activities are conducted through us, so you have one point of contact and always know how each party is being compensated.


We take a unified approach to your trust investment, with the experience, knowledge and resources to help your family navigate common but serious problems and live the best possible life.

As your fiduciary, we believe you and your heirs deserve a better approach. Let our trust management services help secure your family’s legacy.

A Personalized Experience; An Honest Relationship

You and your heirs deserve to have a fiduciary advisor managing the assets of your trust. That’s why Alpha Fiduciary manages the trust assets and the client relationship, ensuring responsiveness and accountability, and all communication and activities are conducted through us, your fiduciary.

As your fiduciary, we’ll manage your assets with honesty and transparency. You can be confident that your family legacy is being cared for by people with your best interests at heart.

Customized Trust Investments

Bank trust companies often have rigid investment offerings. They are likely to take your trust assets and plug them into their often inflexible investment models, and their approach to asset allocation and security selection may leave you wondering how much thought was given to the complexities of your situation and goals.

However, at Alpha Fiduciary, we take the time to sit down and talk with you and/or your beneficiary as your investment fiduciary. We will build and manage a portfolio reflective of your needs, while also considering the needs of future generations.

Our trust investment approach involves:

  • Discovering your goals;
  • Creating a strategy to attain those goals;
  • Providing ongoing monitoring and periodic performance reports;
  • Measuring our results against an appropriate benchmark;
  • Making adjustments as needed.

Transparent Trust Administration

Separating trust administration from investment management may give you more cost efficiency, flexibility, and transparency than a bundled solution. You will see exactly what the trustee is charging for their services and what Alpha Fiduciary is charging for its services, and you can have the peace of mind that your investments were chosen for their ability to contribute to your goals, not the company’s bottom line.

While trust administration at banks is often a pain point in the relationship, our approach is different in that you and your heirs will have one point of contact with full relationship accountability. Any required interaction with the corporate trustee is handled through us, so you will be communicating with people who are service-oriented and responsive.

Alpha Fiduciary performs the following:

  • Financial planning and profiling to determine the most pressing needs.
  • Asset allocation strategy development based on risk appetite and sustainability considerations.
  • Establish client service profile, (i.e., review frequency, planned inflows and outflows, etc.).
  • Investment and ongoing management of trust account funds according to established policy.
  • All behind-the-scenes interactions with the corporate trustee.
  • All client-facing interaction including communication on behalf of the trustee.
  • As needed, family counseling (may involve third parties).

The corporate trustee performs the following:

  • Fiduciary administration according to the controlling trust agreement and state laws.
  • Disbursement of funds as permitted under the controlling trust agreement.
  • Record keeping and principal-and-income accounting with periodic statements to required parties.
  • Online access for account asset and transaction viewing.
  • Annual administrative review of the trust.

Our Unique Approach

Bank trust companies often seem to place their clients’ needs second to company profitability goals. If you are a smaller client, you may not be able to count on a bank trust company to provide the highly personalized service you deserve. After all, you planned your legacy for the better part of a lifetime. Do you really want to entrust its execution to impersonal call centers, inflexible investment management options, or the inconsistency of constantly changing relationship points of contact?

On the other hand, it may not be wise to leave management of your trust to an unprepared family member or friend to act as trustee. Managing a trust on behalf of another person(s) is a complex job that requires time and specialized knowledge to avoid mistakes that can leave your heirs with a disaster.

Alpha Fiduciary has developed a professional asset management and personalized trust service offering to help protect your family’s legacy. We have partnered with professional third-party corporate trustees to competently administer your trust while we manage the investments toward your goals. We maintain a cooperative and fully responsive relationship with you and your beneficiaries, and this approach helps to ensure that trust administration does not become a “thorn in your side.” Because we are independent of the trust companies, we can select the corporate trustee that best serves your interests and avoid inconsistent or poor service. In addition, if you need help drafting your trust documents, we can make referrals to trusted estate attorneys licensed in several states.

While bank trust companies often push the client to the periphery of the relationship, frustrating them with a revolving door of employees and a “not my department” mentality, Alpha Fiduciary places you at the center. You’ll receive a consistent high-level of service that is personalized for you and responsive to your changing needs.

Our Approach to Trust Services is:

1PersonalizedYou have one point of contact — even annual trust budgets are completed through us.

2CustomizedWe will plan and manage the investments of the trust so they reflect the trust’s goals.

3Client-centeredAt Alpha Fiduciary, we are first and foremost a fiduciary to your trust.

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