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At Alpha Fiduciary, we provide a holistic approach to wealth management. We believe in keeping it simple so that you understand your wealth management program. Our financial advisors in Phoenix and Scottsdale are available, accountable, and experienced. Because we act as a fiduciary and in your best interests, we prioritize and address your most pressing needs first, while not losing sight of the lesser-priority matters. Life today is far more dynamic and complex than ever before, so our approach is consultative and forward-looking. Yet it is nimble and decisive when unplanned events demand quick, but thoughtful and accurate decisions. At Alpha Fiduciary, it’s not just about focusing on your rate of return. It’s about positively impacting the lives of the people we serve with a unified approach to wealth management.


Total Wealth Management

Our investment management process is tailored to your desired financial planning outcome, resulting in a unified financial solution flexible enough to handle the changes in your life. With this approach, you will know that your wealth is working in support of your goals.

Personalized Trust Management

We’ll work to secure your family’s financial legacy through customized, transparent, and efficient management of your trust assets. Our trust investment approach will reflect your financial legacy goals and offers a single client point of contact to make your life easy.

Financial Planning

As your fiduciary, we’ll help you build confidence for your financial future. Our financial planners in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area will develop and maintain a financial plan customized to help you live your best life.

Investment Management

Our investment process is simple, easy to understand, and makes use of low-cost, liquid investment vehicles. Our portfolios remain diversified even as our experienced investment committee updates the portfolios to reflect current market developments.

Preparing Heirs

We’re experienced at helping families make the most of their legacy plans for the generations to come. By helping you prepare your heirs to receive wealth, you will be taking steps to overcome one of the most common reasons estate transfers often fail. We can provide you valuable materials and support to help guide you in educating your heirs so that they are ready to handle inherited wealth.

Second Opinion

Ever wondered if your current investment management program is working well for you? We’ll evaluate your current financial plan and investment management program and give you our view on whether you’re on track to achieve your goals – and our initial second opinion consultation is completely complimentary!

Retirement Solutions

We understand that retirement planning requires more than just making sure you have enough income to support your lifestyle. That’s why we create retirement strategies that balance the need for income, growth, and risk taking.

Financial Advice for Your Family Life Journey

As we age, our circumstances and challenges often change as well. Having a financial advisor that can adapt your family wealth management strategy to meet these challenges is important. Alpha Fiduciary recognizes that life’s bumpy journey may diminish your overall wellness and ability to enjoy life. We have taken what we have learned in our many years of experience in working with clients, and we have compiled and categorized community resources for many serious but common problems. These counselors, support groups, and other resources can have a meaningful and positive impact on your ability to navigate life’s challenges. At Alpha Fiduciary, we want you to live your best life, and that means so much more than just managing your wealth.

See All Life Events

At Alpha Fiduciary, we want you to live your best life, and that means so much more than just handling your wealth.

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