Clear and Objective Opinions
from Phoenix Financial Planners

Our Second Opinion Service began as an exclusive offer to friends, family members, and associates of our clients. But we quickly realized how valuable this service could be for any high-net-worth investor who might be second-guessing their current wealth manager’s advice. Today, our Second Opinion Service is an additional resource for anyone looking to reevaluate their finances.

At Alpha Fiduciary, we place priority in building mutual trust with each person that seeks our advice, even if they’re just seeking a second opinion about their current wealth management. We take the time to get to know you first, and then we give you our carefully considered view of your current financial situation.

The Discovery

This is the initial meeting where we’ll take the time to understand your current situation, financial goals, and any apprehensions you have about your current financial plan.

The Investment Plan

Next, we’ll take a deeper dive into your current financial plan and see if you’re on track to fulfilling your goals. We’ll discuss areas such as asset management, retirement income planning, investment management, comprehensive financial planning, or any other area for which you need a second opinion. We’ll make suggestions if we see anything that can help you achieve your goals.

Total Client

Whether you take our recommendations or not, we’ll still create a Total Client Profile for you, which includes a personalized analysis of your current situation.

Get a Second Opinion

If you currently have a portfolio of at least $750,000, our Second Opinion offer is completely complimentary.

Whether you’re simply interested in hearing a second opinion or you have reservations with your current advisor, we can be an additional resource to make sure you’re on track.